Capabilities - Modulus of Rupture Bars

MOR Bars Result in Better Components for Different Customers

Since its founding in 1980, PremaTech Advanced Ceramics has been producing modulus of rupture (MOR) bars for material qualification. Components are often designed using material strength values derived from tests based on very specific ASTM standards. Machining of test specimens must meet ASTM standards using strict guidelines that dictate the wheel grit, speeds, and feed rates. PremaTech is a source that can be relied on to manufacture each time specimens that are fully compliant with the ASTM standard. Repeatability is key in testing material specimens, and the supplier must be dependable throughout the material formulation process.

PremaTech in Action

A major defense contractor approached PremaTech for assistance with the production of protective closures for electronics equipment. The customer developed a proprietary advanced ceramic material and needed help fabricating a prototype, as well as with production and material qualification testing.

First, PremaTech machined Modulus of Rupture bars to support material testing per the ASTM standards. After material qualification, PremaTech took the customer's extremely rough blanks and precision-ground inner and outer 3-D surfaces to meet the customer's stringent specifications and provided large quantities of prototype parts during product development. It all started with proper Modulus of Rupture bar production based on successful material testing and qualification.

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