CVD SiC Applications & Ceramic Machining

Your Single Source for Quality Materials & Precision Machining of Technical Ceramics

PremaTech is a leader in CVD SiC solutions, as well as in the prototyping and machining of industrial/technical ceramics. Our superior technical expertise and project management skills allow you to choose the best materials and shapes for your specific application.

A comprehensive quality control program supports our in-house Machining & Grinding and Lapping & Polishing operations, and adds value to the wide range of work we do for customers worldwide. Program elements include:

Our commitment to quality is exemplified by:

  • Investment of more than $4 million over the past several years in facilities and equipment, allowing us to experience 50% revenue growth
  • Implementation of a Lean Manufacturing Program, enabling us to significantly reduce turnaround time
  • A return rate of less than 0.1% of sales

From our 27,000 ft2 facility in Worcester, MA, we also offer:

  • Ram EDM
  • 5-Axis Grinding
  • Large Parts Production
  • Aspheric Lens Generation
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Ultrasonic Drilling

PremaTech also produces modulus of rupture (MOR) bars for material qualification, ensuring that ASTM standards are satisfied.

When you depend on PremaTech for advanced ceramics, our vertically integrated operations allow you realize these benefits:

  • Superior Material Quality
  • Easier Project Management
  • Faster Turnaround Times
  • Excellent Value

For a strategic partner that allows you to keep your peace of mind, production schedules and budgets intact, choose PremaTech.