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PremaTech Advanced Ceramics adds value to Chemical Vapor Deposition Silicon Carbide (CVD SiC) for a wide range of applications, including semiconductor, commercial, aerospace & defense, life sciences, medical devices, microwave, optics, power generation and R&D.

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PremaTech is a leader in CVD SiC solutions

PremaTech is a leader in CVD SiC solutions, as well as in the prototyping and machining of technical ceramics.

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Industries-we produce CVD SiC, pucks, cover plates, rings, gas diffusion plates

We produce CVD SiC satellites, cover plates, rings and gas diffusion plates (GDPs), as well as a wide range of custom components.

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PremaTech offers “building blocks” for components that require the highest quality materials

As an industry leader, PremaTech offers "building blocks" for components that require the highest quality materials.

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Feature Semiconductors Components Manufacturing

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Semiconductor Components Manufacturing

By working collaboratively with semiconductor manufacturers, we help them optimize product quality and assembly yield. In one instance, we helped a customer nearly double its assembly yield from 50% to 95%, enhancing their profitability and on-time delivery.

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