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Superior Equipment to Get the Job Done

The Know-How to Serve Any Industry

Machined to Specs, Every Time

Carbide Grinding & Machining Done to Your Specifications

Tight Tolerances, Complex Geometries & Much More

Advanced Carbide Grinding uses the most modern equipment to perform precision grinding and machining for OD, ID, centerless, surface and form applications requiring carbide and non-carbide materials. We specialize in non-fluted tapered endmills, drill blanks, reamers, carbide bushings, plastic injection nozzles and more for customers in the Aerospace, Ammunition Dies, Automotive, Cold Heading, Energy, Honing, Round Tools and Wear Parts markets.

What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to fabricate intricate, high-quality parts that set the industry standard. That's why customers throughout North America and worldwide have been depending on us since 1999.

The hands-on approach of our owners assures the superior quality of everything we produce.

Carbide Grinding & Machining Done to Your Specifications

Advanced Carbide Grinding - Service


Advanced Carbide Grinding has the ability to perform the grinding and machining you need to maintain your production schedules.


Advanced Carbide Grinding - Equipment


To make sure we meet your specifications, we've invested in the best available equipment for a large number of grinding and machining operations.


Advanced Carbide Grinding - Quality


At Advanced Carbide Grinding, we're not satisfied unless everything we produce is made to your exact specifications.